Being a non-commercial photographer, I don't consider shooting photographs a chore, but rather as a path of self-discovery.
Each photograph I've created is a quest which is a part of a greater journey.

Each "Behind The Scenes" video in the series tells a story of creating a particular photograph, the fruit of artistic search and experimentation.
Many of these short videos also contain much of information given in the main lessons.
For this very reason, they are available only through a special subscription.

The subscription is available to anyone who purchased the full package of lessons on shooting and processing
which is now available at a special price of 349 USD.
The first year of subscription is totally free. The future extensions can be purchased for just 79 USD per year.

Please note that the "Behind The Scenes" series is not intended as an alternative to the main video lessons but it rather complements them.
These videos contain no comments or detailed explanations and will be most beneficial to those who are in a process of mastering the lessons.
Also from watching the series you can learn a variety of new shooting and processing techniques not covered in the lessons
and find a great source of inspiration for your photo art.

Subscription videos delivery frequency: once a month.

Below please find the sample fragments of the ready "Behind The Scenes" videos and the announcements of the future stories.

The "Behind The Scenes" Series Content for 2016.

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