Dear Friends, I would like to share with you that I have decided to change my professional career as a photographer to something else.
This means that I would not be doing professional photography anymore and I will stop selling my photography tutorials.

If you were planning to order one of my tutorials please be advised now is the best and last opportunity to do so,
because their price is the lowest possible now and they will be available for purchase only until the end of December.

Thank you for your time! And no, this is not a marketing trick.

Tutorial #007
Painterly post-processing
Parts I and II: Color and BW

      An extensive lesson on artistic style portrait processing with Adobe Photoshop. Learn to make your digital photography look like an art masterpiece using an original technique explained in detail in this video course.

      The lesson consists of three main sections.
1. Working with color images.
2. Working with monochrome images.
3. Practice via processing two more photos (color and BW)

Video review of the lesson | Before-after examples

199 USD       69 USD

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The lesson contains:
Video (HD 1080, 110 min, subtitles in English, narrated with TTS-voice);
  PSD-version of the photo whose processing is presented in the video tutorial;   3 film textures;   special vignette frame.

What's New?
The two parts of the lesson's previous version are now merged into one.
The lesson material is now better organized to facilitate easier and more efficient learning.
Some flaws are now fixed. Many techniques are described more fully and logically, with added examples of using them on other photographs.
More focus is given to theory, because knowing it would allow you to work with your images more thoughtfully and it would take your art to a whole new level.
4 different methods of toning a monochrome image are discussed. Each method can be successfully used with a color image as well.
A practice section is now added that includes examples of processing two more photographs.
Voiceover added (TTS-voice).

Tutorial #009
Classical Portrait (2018)

Video tutorial "Shooting of a Classical Portrait" in two parts.
First part: theory and practice.
Review definitions of quality and hardness of light, various lighting types and techniques, influence of a lighting setup on the perception of the proportions of the subject, etc.
Practice with a gypsum bust.
Second part: working with a live model. Theory and practice recommendations; tips and techniques regularly used by the author in his work. Main composition lines in a portrait, etc.

Duration: 23 min (HD 1080)
Watch the video-samples

129 USD       45 USD

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Tutorial #004
Mixed Light Photography
With Post-Processing in Adobe Photoshop

In this lesson we will go through three practical examples of the mixed light photography techniques including the post-processing of the taken photographs.

The lesson contains:
- Video of two parts (shooting and processing) with subtitles in English (HD 1080, 75 min):
- PSD of the two photos taken and processed in the tutorial;
- 3 film textures;
- Special vignette frame.

Watch the video-sample

169 USD       59 USD

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Tutorial #005
Creative Image Distortion

Realism is not always something that makes a photograph to stand out. Sometimes to implement a creative vision you may want to change (or even distort) an image.
You will learn two simple methods of distorting a photograph as you take it.
Some video recording enthusiasts could also find this lesson interesting.

Duration: 9 min (HD 1080)

16 USD       5 USD

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Tutorial #006
Background Lighting

Although the background in photography is somewhat like movie extras – silent and inconspicuous – the role it plays is far from minor. The same portrait shot against different backgrounds is seen by the viewer in totally different ways.

Find out how to introduce variety to your studio portraits by using several background lighting methods.

Duration: 18 min
(HD 1080, subtitles in English, narration with TTS Voice)

Photographs taken in this video-lesson

Watch the video-sample

39 USD       14 USD

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